Employment Law

Employment Law

The Employment Law Group at Fox Swibel provides clients practical, business‐oriented solutions to employment law problems. We provide day‐to‐day counseling and advice regarding all legal matters affecting the employment relationship, including non‐discrimination laws, wage & hour issues, FMLA and ADA issues, misappropriation of trade secrets, restrictive covenants, and employee handbooks and policies. We assist clients to assess and manage risk in handling employee discipline issues, drafting and interpreting employment contracts, structuring leaves of absence, and planning reductions‐in‐force.

When an employment dispute arises, we work with clients to evaluate cost-effective litigation strategies and any available alternatives to litigation. Our attorneys regularly appear in the trial and appellate levels of federal and state courts, as well as administrative agencies. We have expertise defending claims of discrimination, failure to accommodate, harassment, retaliatory discharge, fraud, defamation, and negligent supervision and retention. Likewise we regularly handle claims involving breach of contract, misappropriation of trade secrets, non‐competition agreements, duty of loyalty, federal and state wage payment laws, the WARN Act, ERISA, and employee handbooks.


2022 Ushers in Sweeping Restrictions on Non-Competition and Non-Solicitation Agreements

For those employers looking to think, talk and worry about something besides COVID-19, we have just the topic: the Illinois Freedom to Work Act.   In August 2021, Governor Pritzker signed into law an amendment to the Act that imposes new restrictions on non-competition and non-solicitation agreements.  Here’s what the Omicron variant and vaccine mandates caused you to miss.

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Illinois Bias Law Now Covers Criminal Convictions

Illinois employers now have yet another law to navigate. The state human rights statute now bans discrimination based on a candidate’s or employee’s criminal conviction unless the employer can show a “substantial relationship” exists between the conviction and the job or that the employment would involve an “unreasonable risk” to property or safety.

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